About South Church…

Multi-Racial + Jesus-Centered + Queer-Loving

Join us at 10 a.m. at 45 Maple Street in Springfield for Worship every Sunday, or on Zoom – access information below:

ZOOM ACCESS: 975 811 240 // PW 041663


Rev. Lindseys’ Letter regarding our Covid 19 response

South Congregational Church United Church of Christ has been bringing people to Christ in the greater Springfield area since 1842. It is also a member church of the United Church of Christ. When you visit us any Sunday you will find a diverse congregation, prayers that speak to the heart of God, music that sings in many voices and sermons that reflect the struggles, hopes and dreams of our lives.  We believe you will find yourself received just as you are and strengthened for whatever is happening in your life.

We identify ourselves as a Jesus-centered, Open and Affirming community.  Our members and friends seek to strengthen their faith as Christians in an environment that allows them their own identity, regardless of race, religious background, sexual identity, family status, physcial or mental challenge, or financial standing.  As an urban church we welcome people of many backgrounds who are looking for community where diversity is celebrated in language, prayer and music.

South Church, Springfield MA Sunday Service24 November, 2013

What we believe

As Congregationalists and members of the United Church of Christ, we affirm the Bible as the authoritative witness to the Word of God.  We believe in doctrinal freedom among congregations, Christian unity, discipleship and serving others through our mission.  We worship one God who is Creator, Christ and Holy Spirit, and with Jesus Christ as the
only head of the church we are saved with the forgiveness, grace and eternal life that is promised to all who have faith.  Here at South we allow freedom of thought and conscience to all members, equal participation to men and women in church ministry and governance, and participation of baptized believers of any age to share holy communion regardless of marital status or church affiliation.

In the words of Paul in his letter to the Ephesians, we pray that we all may be strengthened in our inner being with power through God’s spirit and that Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith as we are being rooted and ground in love. We have a lot to offer at South Church and we believe you’ll find yourself received exactly as you are and strengthened for whatever is happening in your life.

South Church, Springfield MA Sunday Service 24 November, 2013
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Join us!

We want to get to know you, too, for you undoubtedly have gifts that will enrich our lives in ways that none of us can imagine. We hope to have an opportunity to meet you in person and get to know something about you and your journey with God. Until then, we join you in asking God for inner peace and a faith that makes a difference in the world.